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  • Is the villa furnished?
    The villas are fitted with cabinetry, appliances and fixtures.  We have various furniture packages available and would be happy to discuss in further detail on request.
  • How close is the golf course?
    The golf course is situated less than 100 meters away from Durants Fairways.
  • How secure is the property?
    Individual security requirements can be met by one of the various security companies specializing in state of the art home security solutions. Each villa is fully detached, allowing for a secure and private feel without compromising on comfort. The development itself sits within a quiet, peaceful neighborhood with a calm and friendly community.
  • What are the methods of financing a purchase?
    The easiest way to finance your purchase is via stage payments, where you pay predetermined instalments once the Developer reaches certain thresholds in the construction process.  Please contact our team for more details.  Alternatively, you can contact a financial institution to discuss payment solutions based on your individual circumstances.  Sagicor Bank provides such a solution and you can find more information here. To discuss with one of the specialists, please contact a member of the Sagicor Bank Lending Team.
  • Can I rent out my villa?
    Can I rent out my villa? Yes. There are several companies that can assist or you are welcome to rent the villa privately.
  • What are the residency and tax benefits of purchasing in Durants Fairways?
    The purchase of a residence at Durants Fairways will automatically qualify a purchaser to apply for residency in Barbados via the Special Entry and Reside Permit (SERP-category 2) which includes spouses and dependents under 18 or still attending university.  SERP holders may be able to declare tax residency in Barbados and take advantage of the tax friendly opportunities including the lack of capital gains and inheritance taxes.  SERP holders are also entitled to claim a foreign currency tax credit in relation to income which is foreign sourced if such income is being transferred to Barbados through the banking system.  Depending on the percentage of foreign currency earned in relation to total earnings and with meaningful tax planning, the potential tax credit can amount to 93 percent of the income tax that would otherwise be payable in Barbados.  The domestic corporate tax rate is at 5.50% – 1.00% depending on the amount of taxable income. Being a low taxed whilst a white listed OECD jurisdiction with 40+ favourable double tax treaties, Barbados is an ideal option for new residents to migrate their entities as well.
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